Slipped Disc FAQ




How do I get treatment?




For overseas patient, please check into a local hotel. Treatment will be done at the hotel where you are staying while on visit here. For Singaporeans, treatment can be done at your home or at a hotel. The choice is yours. Please be reminded all treatment is by appointment only.




How many sessions of treatment are needed?




One treatment lasting about two hours is all that is needed, per person treated. Some patients are treated within minutes while others may take a little longer but entire treatment will not last more than two hours.




Would you travel to your patients for treatment?




Yes, but air ticket and lodging are to be provided. Consultation fee of US$1,000 per day is payable for initial assessment of the extent of the ailment. Subsequent treatment fees will be quoted before treatment commences.




How long will I be off work?




Office work can be started one week after the procedure. Physical work should be limited for the first six weeks and gradually increased. Proper care and correct posture while doing physical activity, etc. are all crucial to ensure no relapses.




Can I play sports again?




As a rule, this is possible, regardless of which sport you play. Swimming and cycling are ok after three weeks whereas all other sports should be avoided for six weeks and progressed gradually




Is there any risk with the treatment?




No, there is no risk with the treatment. It is the best and safest treatment available in the world.




Is there any certification from the authorities?




No, I researched the treatment and sat under the pupilage of a ATPT Grand Master. I found the treatment personally beneficial as I was healed of slipped disc and has never had a relapse for several years now.




If you have more questions, email Richard Tan at today.




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