Slipped Disc Testimonies


I treat slipped disc patients from as young as 18 to as old as 76 using ATPT. I travel to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and China. These patients are now totally free from the suffering caused by slipped disc.

Many slipped disc patients I treated were operated on more than once and suffered relapse My patients include University Lecturers, Lawyers and Government Officials.

I share some testimonies of happy patients who are healed of their ailment. I trust this will encourage you to seek treatment for your slipped disc with the best and safest treatment offered by ATPT.

18 year old boy healed

He consulted me after suffering 6 months as a slipped disc patient. He had his conditioned diagnosed with MRI at a local hospital. In two hours he was completely rid of his condition.

She can't lift her leg

She is 61, went for an operation for slipped disc in 1997. She could not lift her leg despite the operation. After about two hours of treatment, she was fine and till this day can walk well.

Singaporean male, 30 healed of slipped disc

He suffered slipped disc in Feb 02 and consulted me in September 02. He is healed after my two hours treatment.

There are more testimonies. These will be placed here from time to time for you to read and know the effectiveness of ATPT.




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