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Ancient Trigger Point Therapy

 Treatment Method I used a very simple method of clearing all knotted points via ATPT.  After ATPT has relaxed the muscles that hug the spine, I am able to realign the slipped disc within the spinal cord. I refrain from applying pressure on the injured points as these are extremely raw and sensitive. Instead pressure is applied on what is regarded as < Magic Touch Points > connected to the sore areas.

 This is followed-up by the patient Performing certain hands and body movements from an extremely complex relay networks that effectively realign the spine gently and naturally. This technique is completely non-invasive and provides immediate relief and recovery to the spinal system.

Before treatment:When lying down both legs will not be able to lift up. After treatment: When lying down both legs will be able to lift up. 

This is a major breakthrough in treating slipped disc and other ailments using Ancient Trigger Point Therapy (ATPT) or Life Science Therapy on your nerve and cell system.

However, whatever therapy is in use For relevant treatment is dependent on the type of aliments and condition of aliments.

To reach out to slipped disc sufferers, To free them from their condition.

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Slipped Disc

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