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Q17: How to improve breathlessness?

A: Breathlessness is usually caused by respiratory problems. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the body is insufficient, thus causing breathlessness. Smokers and those with pulmonary fibrosis are more prone to breathlessness. Cell Energy can increase the oxygen-carrying ability of the red blood cells. Start by taking Cell Energy once a day and increase to twice a day after a week to see better results.

Q18: Why do I have no reactions after taking Fit Solution?

A: When there is no reaction after taking Fit Solution, there are only two possibilities. 1. You are extremely healthy or you are extremely unhealthy. 2. Repairs in the liver, lungs, prostate, or womb will show little reaction as they have weaker pain feedback nerves.

Q19: What dosage of Cell Energy should a person with a weak heart take?

A: A reduced dosage is necessary to avoid overexerting the heart. You are advised to start with a half-spoonful for a week to monitor the condition, and if the body can manage increase to one spoonful. It is important that the dosage is increased slowly in order for the body and the heart to adapt. After consuming Cell Energy, those with a weak heart may experience an increase in breathing and heart rate, but these are the people who will benefit most from Cell Energy.

Q20: Why do we snore when we sleep?

A: Snoring is the vibration of the respiratory structure due to obstructed air movement when we sleep. The obstruction of breathing passage may be due to fat gathering in and around the throat, or throat inflammation. Besides snoring, coughing may result, too. A smooth throat is considered a healthy throat. Wearing an oxygen mask is not a good solution. However, Fit Solution helps to prevent inflammation and strengthen the throat structure, ensuring a good and steady supply of oxygen during sleep.

Q21: Why do past injuries flare up again?

A: During the repair and regeneration of the body’s muscular and internal organ structures, flaring of past injuries will occur as the damaged tissues are being worked on.

Q22: Why do I cough and have yellowish phlegm after taking Fit Solution?

A: Those with unhealthy lungs may cough and expel yellowish phlegm during the repair of the lung functions.

Q23: How does Fit Solution benefit hypertensive patients?

A: For hypertensive patients, doctors usually prescribe antihypertensive drugs, but in fact, hypertension is mostly due to renal hypoxia. When the kidneys lack oxygen, the adrenal gland will notify the pituitary gland, after which the pituitary gland orders the heart to pump more blood, causing blood pressure to rise. If the patient were to take blood pressure medication, the kidney will still be having difficulty getting sufficient oxygen. A survey found out that 80% of hypertensive patient’s cause of death was kidney failure. Fit Solution helps activate cells, improving blood oxygen content. Therefore, drinking this product is very effective for hypertensive patients.

Q24: Can Fit Solution relieve/improve menstrual pain?

A: Most causes of menstrual pain is either anemia or hormonal imbalance, the above situation exists when the body and need to be ovulation, the body appears to have a pulling phenomenon, resulting in menstrual pain. Water tumors or fibroids situation is that the endometrium in the body, during ovulation did not clear the exhaust away. If it incompletely did not remove off, the next time it again covered up, it will go a long time to form water tumors or fibroids, so menstrual pain phenomenon should not be ignored, should a good conditioning. Fit Solution is completely nutrients, even when the body gets nutrition, menstrual pain naturally away from you.

Q25: What causes asthma and how to improve it?

A: Most causes of asthma are pulmonary gas exchange in addition to problems caused by lack of oxygen and asthma. Person who Smokes and who have pulmonary fibrosis were more likely to develop asthma, Cell energy is the oxygen-carrying function, they can start taking Cell energy at normal portion then a week later, consume twice a day.

Q26: Can people who are having menopause and ovarian cancer able to take Fit Solution?

A: If the body does not have enough raw material for manufacture of estrogen will end up in early menopause, but eating estrogen due to increased prolactin would increase the possibility of breast cancer. So the lack of estrogen is best advisable to take externally otherwise they can opt to eat soy products. Another ovarian tumors caused are due to poor metabolism. Ovarian tumors needs to be treated immediately by doctor. Fit Solution is an complete nutrients,it would definitely help the condition.

Q27: Will Fit Solution able to improve the conditions of acidic, chronic insomnia which causes depression?

A: Many symptoms are related to one another, the body reflected the symptoms may not be [cause], first proposed a blood test to identify the first domino that caused the condition [due] to see if there is a need in adjustment of drinking Fit Solution, using the right way, the effect will natural complement each other.

Q28: Once we started drinking, does it becomes a permanently needs, and that we have to increase quantity intake, or addicted to it ? Is there any side effects?

A: No, Total Swiss Health food is a higher grade of supplements formulated to provide or to has a blanket coverage for your body which lacks of or insufficient oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, minerals & trace elements needed every seconds to boost & defence your immune system. For a healthy person, this Health food is a holistic supplement consuming when is necessary but for those with health issues, it depends solely on how bad or serious conditions to decide the frequencies & volume to obtain the quick improvements & best results in stages without further delay to worsen the health. Health food is not drug & therefore it would not get you addicted, furthermore any herbs or supplements should be consume with knowledge, understanding & care of the body needs & requirements. Once the health improves & the results achieved, gradually reduce the intake & allow your immune system to take over to build healthy cells to defence your body against the continuing of foreign diseases, germs, infections, virus, etc…, not forgetting your own body, cancerous cells are still inside every person body. Excessive, aggressive or unnecessary use of any herbs, health food, health supplements & medicines is not advisable.

Q29: Why do we become sick & age so rapidly? Is there any things to do with our foods we eat & habits?

A:Yes, nowadays our drinking water & our breathing air is lack of oxygen. Rich oxygen in water from waterfalls, running lake or river & underground wells is no longer our source for drinking instead we get it from our tap which is only 3 to 4 % of oxygen, we even boiled it which the water loses its oxygen & only consist of chloride. Whereas 34% oxygen in pre-historic years & now 22% in country side or natural reserve, less than 22% in city & do you know some congested capital is 14%-17% which is hazardous to human body. Eating the right foods is very important. Do not eat fry, over cooked or Barbecue your foods because you actually giving your body toxin, dead meat or carcass which in terms putting more burdens for detoxification process that might takes 5 to 7 days to clear out from the body. Eating the usual food is not appropriate because you are continuing in providing your body the same ingredients which you missed the other ingredients and that causes imbalance & illnesses in near future. You should write down 20 favourite foods that you usually eat & 20 healthy foods you, shift eating the 20 dislike healthy foods & should find great health improvements likely due to the foods you had been eating for many years. Irregular meals are not good as your body has a clock system to functions properly & the timing must be right on time. Over eating is the worst & causes many health issues & problems, to stop soonest on this bad habits for a journey of good health.

Q30: How much do I need to keep myself healthy by drinking Total Swiss Fit Solution per month because I have so many bills to pay?

A: Good question, precisely many people are footing many unnecessary bills in anticipating their future cost for poor to worst health issues. Well, average to spend Total Swiss SGD$100 to $200 for a healthy person or even less & SGD$200 to $300 to expedite the improvements of body cells to immediately rectify the health issues. If you compare it with medical bills is like a mountain, insurance bills like a hill & to health food like a hump. Find the roots of the health issues & problems rather than to focus on all these anticipations & instead you should take your own health into consideration and manage with your own hands manage it well & confidently. Don’t let others decide your health & make a correct decision to acknowledge that our body 70 Trillions cells are the key factors of our Good Health. Finally Good health is good wealth.

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