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Tongkat Ali versus Viagra

Tongkat Ali is the next best discovery after Viagra that gives far betterresults with no after-effects.  Promoted as Asia’s Viagra, Tongkat Ali hasbeen a much talked about magical herb for those who looking at gain improvementand lasting effects in terms of sexual functionality.

While Viagra works as simply as causing a man who is sexually stimulated to getan erection after popping a pill, Tongkat Ali takes some time to see theeffects after consuming it on a regular basis. 

The result of consuming Tongkat Ali is an overall improvement to one’s sex lifewhere better libido, increased excitability, better erections and betterorgasms are experienced. 

Wild Tongkat Ali(Water-soluble Extract) vs. Others

Most Wild Tongkat Ali products available in the market today are pulverized(SAWDUST) root that uses poor and improper extraction techniques.

Our Wild Tongkat Ali is superior in the following ways:

1.   We practice stringent quality control that ensures the qualityof Tongkat Ali pills against fungi and micro-organism attacks unlike mostTongkat Ali. 

2.   It is properly processed and tested with clinical trials toprove their safety and efficacy unlike prolonged use of poor quality TongkatAli pills or powder which could bring about toxic and side effects that maycause damage to the liver and kidney. 

3.   It is made up of water soluble extracts which can be completelysoluble unlike other Tongkat Ali Natural Powder which is only 1% soluble.

4.   It maintains good and regular quality standards that arenecessary to maintain the consistent quality in our product which most TongkatAli products often lacked of.

5.   It contains only the purest grade that comes with 1% activeingredients compared to others which do not have such purity and may contain otherimpurities and substances.

SingHealthCare utilizes a revolutionary extract process which presents TongkatAli as a water- soluble extract. It captures the pure essence of the herb,offering 100% Tongkat Ali in its definition form. It is Superior, Safe andEffective. 

Wild Tongkat Ali is certified by HACCP, GMP and Halal.

At SingHealthCare, we deliver products that you can trust and deliver to yourclients with peace of mind. 

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