Tongkat Ali for Women

Today, women are interested in Tongkat Ali too, although forentirely different reasons. There were a number of other interesting benefitsof the product, beyond the increase in energy, stamina, and endurance. Somecommonly noted benefits of Tongkat Ali for women who consumed it, includeincreased sexual drive, building lean mass and reducing body fat andstrengthening bones. This is especially true for women who have reached theirmenopausal stage. It also boosts mood and promotes well-being as well improvescognitive functions such as attention and focus. 
Many men who experienced low energy levels, declined vitality, reduced sexualdesire, are likely to be showing symptoms of low or reduced testosteronelevels.


1) Increased Sexual Desire

It needs to be understood that Tongkat Ali forwomen should be taken in measured doses. Men are usually recommended higherdoses of Tongkat Ali while females are given in smaller doses. 

2) Reduces Water Retention 

Women, more often than not, suffer from problemssurfacing from water retention in the body. Tongkat Ali’s diuretic nature canaids in helping get rid of water retention. 

3) Tightens Abdomen and Promote Sensual Wellness

For women after pregnancy, Tongkat Ali canspecifically help to tighten the abdomen and regain “sensual wellness” withinthe body.

4) Reduced Body Fat & Stronger bones

In addition to all that, Tongkat Ali is alsoknown to help increase the sensitivity in the erogenous zones of the femininebody.

5) Improved Moods and Energy

Women tend to lose their sexual desire with age,notably after they reached menopause. Fortunately, there are remedies formenopause problem like Tongkat Ali which served as a safe, natural way to helpbalanced the hormones.

6) Antioxidant

According to the Forest Research InstituteMalaysia, Tongkat Ali contains this antioxidant enzyme known as SuperoxideDismutase (SOD). Such antioxidant helps in destroying waste products known asfree radicals that can cause damage to other living cells in the body.

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Women

While low testosterone is usually thought of asa male disease, low levels may occur in women and cause significant issues likehot flashes, irritability, loss of sexual desire and even sleep disturbances aswell as loss of body hair in some cases. 

Testosterone levels decline with age. TongkatAli has proven to be a pharmaceutical testosterone that has been successfullyused as a therapeutic aid to help both men and women in cases of low sex drive.

Understanding Low Testosterone Symptoms inFemales

Many women suffered from being overweight. Veryoften, this is caused by the low testosterone levels in the body that resultedin them no longer able to catabolize the fat deposits present in the body. 

Women with low testosterone levels also sufferfrom slightly uncommon symptoms like vaginal dryness that can make copulationpainful. In some cases, the vasomotor functions may become impaired and thuscausing incontinence-like symptoms. As a result of low testosterone, such womenoften likened their condition as that of depression.

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