SG-1L Hydrogen Water Activator System

Every living organism and physical matter on our planet has an intrinsic energy induced by vibrations of atomic factors one of the most important elements on earth water also has this infinitely imperceptible energy when these vibrations are energized it leads to an increase in the waters healing power and health benefits the innovative new SG-1L water activator is a breakthrough product that works to energize these vibrations in the water the resulting simple clean energized water provides immeasurable benefits to our body our daily life and our environment the new SG-1L water technology hails from Singapore  and has been an extremely beneficial appliance for both the industry and individual users over the last 10 years installed in the water supply pipe new SG-1L simply converts water as it passes through our patented technology to a state that's better than standard potable water enhancing its natural energy and healing properties new SG-1L activates water at the electron level exerting a highly correlated electronic action for converting the properties of water through excitation by exciting or revitalizing the energy field of the water new SG-1L promotes growth builds up physical vitality and enhances physical healing powers the secret of new SG-1L lies in its ground breaking patented field converter which is made up of an array of special features at the core of new SG-1L is a stainless steel hexagonal structure made up of 1813 nuts shaped materials the new SG-1L nut has a hexagonal configuration that constitutes a field which releases Energy, energy released from the hexagon field stabilizes the nerves eliminate stress and stimulates metabolism overtime new SG-1L creates an environment rich in energy the main benefits of new SG-1L include increase levels of dissolved hydrogen over time increase enzymatic activity increase surfactant potency of water antibacterial effects cost benefits and it's maintenance-free drinking new SG-1L water greatly helps to  slow and decrease the oxidization process in our body resulting in anti-aging effects this is because new SG-1L increases the levels of dissolved hydrogen in water over time hydrogen helps to remove radical oxide from our body our intestines the colon play a very important role in our body and in our lives almost all of our health conditions depend on them new SG-1L water increases the lactic acid bacteria in our colon thereby helping to keep the

enteric environment cleaner and in good health it promotes active detoxification from within resulting in many great effects such as improve skin condition and alleviate skin allergies promote anti-aging effects strengthen the body's immune system and prevent the growth of disease-causing germs new SG-1L increases the surfactant potency of water naturally this allows the water to work as a cleaning agent without the use of detergents or chemical this yields numerous benefits for the individual as well as industries using new SG-1L water for bathing helps improve skin and hair easier cleaning of grease trap at the restaurant in kitchen enables you to lower detergent usage by half antibacterial effects of new SG-1L include decrease odour at toilet area last dirt at the kitchen sink flowers stay fresh longer in the vase less dirt and clogging at the drain and in pipe last germs various industries like hotel, restaurant, factory and households enjoy numerous cost benefits like great reduction in cleaning and chemical costs due to minimize usage of chemicals and detergents in the kitchen toilet pipes and septic tanks gas and electric expenses reduction expenses for chemicals like pesticides and chlorine are greatly reduced earlier delivery and sales of faster grown livestock and vegetables due to new SG-1L water new SG-1L is maintenance free no filter use or change is required there is also no usage of electricity because of its wide-ranging beneficial properties new SG-1L is used extensively in various industries from hotels fish farms swimming pools hospitals spas to vegetable and livestock farms and housing apartments it yields profound effects such as to eliminate odour pollution from farms and to accelerate healthy growth of plants and animals.

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The Hydrogen Water Activator system is a specially designed to convert water to a more natural state..


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