5 Reasons to try QRS

Reason #1 Easy, simple and quick

As routine as taking vitamins, exercise, and good nutrition,QRS is the new health habit solution. In only 8 minutes, twice a day,comfortably lie down on the QRS pulsating electromagnetic field mat to boostyour immune system and relieve tension.


Reason #2 Fights Illnesses

  • Enhances sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Gives pain relief & muscle relaxation
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Assists with constricted breathing
  • Promotes relaxation & increases energy
  • Provides migraine relief
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Controls the complications & outcomes of the diabetic process
  • Aids bone & fracture healing
  • Improves blood oxygenation
  • Decreases swelling & inflammation of joints
  • Improves digestion & elimination
  • Balances PMS & menopausal symptoms
  • Repairs wounds and heals skin damage
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Normalizes cholesterol level


Reason #3 Prevention

Maximize your body's OWN healing abilities. Thisrevolutionary approach of treating the entire body can prevent health problemsbefore they start. Routine use of the QRS allows the power of the body toreclaim its natural state of health once cell function is restored.


Reason #4 Advantages over staticmagnetic products

  • Static magnets have constant high field strengths, are often heavy and cumbersome, and must be worn all day long. Over time the body can become accustomed to the static field and ineffective treatment results.
  • The QRS has varying and adjustable frequencies and treats the body as a whole. The treatment only lasts 8 minutes, twice a day.
  • The QRS is a home health appliance with no side effects. It is safe and gentle for use with children, mature adults, and animals.

Reason #5 Quality and Cost

At this day and age, high quality and affordable healthcareis what savvy consumers seek for themselves & their families. 


Success Stories

K. S. (MS, PhD, LAc, Seattle, WA) "As an acupuncturistI see most of my clients primarily for pain of the knee and shoulder, 2 times aweek for 3 to 4 weeks. With acupuncture I have gotten great results, but notlike what I am getting with the QRS. When I have my patients take a 16-minutetreatment with the QRS supporting my acupuncture work, I see quicker painrelief and secondary results in increased sleep quality. By the second week oftreatment there are dramatic sleep improvements for every one of my clients! InChinese Medicine, pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used for years. I amglad to finally see research starting in this field in the United States. I amglad to achieve these excellent results combining the QRS with the modalities Ipractice." 

P. E. (Age 59, Santa Monica, CA) "Seems to be helping with overallmuscular aches and pains. It helps induce sleep." 

R. H. (Salt Lake City, UT) "My daughter was attacked by a dog a week ago,has used the QRS aggressively. Her doctor says that she is healing at a ratethat may make her ready for final plastic surgery in six months after theinjury instead of one year. I am very grateful to have had the QRS here for heruse." 

A. D. (Age 76, Chicago, IL) "I use the QRS every day due to arthritisthroughout my whole back. I have rheumatoid arthritis that robs my red bloodcells plus lowers my hemoglobin, so I don't get enough oxygen and I get a lotof pain. The QRS takes the pain away." 

M. M. (Age 40, Las Vegas, NV) "I've had JRA (juvenile rheumatoidarthritis) for over 25 years. By using the QRS daily for six months, I'venoticed much less pain and more energy, especially in my feet. Walking is mucheasier now since I've been using the QRS." 


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