Patented Medical Device

The device meets the requirements DIN/CDE0750. EN 60601-1, EN60601-2

and belongs to the protection class 1. It ispart of  class lla

within the scope of the Medical DeviceDirective  Germany

Certification according to DIN EN ISO9001:2000                                                                       Certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003

QRS has won the following awards: 
• QRS isofficially a medical device. 
•CertifiedEurope-wide as QRS academy for development and teaching
•QRS was awardedthe Gold Medal at the world´s largest inventors exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland
•Patented worldwide.German patent certificate DE 4122718.


 Patent 1: Atmospheric radiation

Wherever there are high-voltage transmission lines in theair, in the ground, or in buildings, there is electro-smog. Electro-smog cancause so-call increasing energetic diseases, which can become chronic. Pleasenote: for more than 100 years bacterial diseases have been reduced, but chronicdiseases, due to energy deficiencies, are rapidly increasing.

The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields are not able to withstandthe electro-smog fields, which means that the self-healing process of the bodyis being blocked. The Quantron Resonance System stimulates the metabolism ofthe body due to its magnetic fields, thus it supplies energy and oxygen to thecells.

These non-natural healing magnetic fields can only function correctly if azero-field is being produced in the room at the very beginning. This means thatthe existing electro-smog has to be eliminated, because the mixing up of thetherapeutic frequencies with the electrosmog has a non-healing effect. QRS isthe only producer who had patented the "electro-smog kill" incombination with the Quantron treatment.


Patent-Nr. EP 0 621 795 B 1
Patent Submission: 11.09.1993
Patent Approval: 06.03.1998

Patent 2: Transportation of ions

Every producer of magnetic field treatment devices claimsthat their product can regenerate and energize the cells by activating the cellmetabolism. Cell metabolism is only possible with ion transportation. Becareful with such statements. QRS is the only product with a worldwide patenton ion transportation due to many years of fundamental research.

The QRS system is the only product that has the right to say it can transporthydrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, and magnesium ions. Thisensures a better cell maintenance and eliminates toxic waste at the same time.QRS increases the oxygen within the cell. The oxygen diffusion rate isincreased by 80-90% therefore ATP (energy) molecules will be formed. Thisensures smoother transportation through contracted blood vessels and otheraffected tissue structures.


Patent-Nr: EP 0 594 655 B 1 
Patent Submission: 07.03.1992 
Patent Approval: 01.25.1996

Patent 3: The resonance phenomenon

In order to support the cell metabolism, as well as toeliminate toxic waste and free radicals, the voltage of the cell membrane hasto be kept at a high level. To stop the aging process, we have to increase theenergy within the cell. This builds energy molecules (ATP). The cell-specificamplitude window ensures the building of these ATP molecules. This windowwithin the body cell, which was discovered by QRS, ensures the iontransportation and therefore enhances the resonance phenomenon.

This is the only way for the ions, cell membranes, and blood vessels to createa resonance. If this resonance exists, ions can be transported and the cellmetabolism can be influenced. If this really works-such as with QRS-then theimmune system of the body is stimulated, as well as the body regenerated via anincrease in protons (in nerve cells, theses are the memory proteins),regeneration acceleration, electrical changes of the cell energy, stimulationof metabolism, activation of hormone build-up. The patent was issued on thesephenomena, which is the single prerequisite for the energy increase in thecell.


Patent-Nr: EP 0 594 655 B1 
Patent Submission: 07.03.1992 
Patent Approval: 01.25.1996 


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