How QRS is Different?

Competitive Advantage

Quote: Prof. Beckerto Prof. Meier: there are a number of devices in the world, which work with some electromagnetic fields, but not one has such a top class scientific background as he can discern with QRS.

How many applications?
One system- Mat for the whole body and a pillowfor local application.
Many different applications, Elbow, Sleepsystem, local application.
How long should I use it?
8 Minutes twice a day
Depends on the discomfort.
How long the effect of treatment last? (Notrelieving time).
7-8 Hours
A short time after the magnets taking off.
How does it effect the healing process?
The QRS balance the body by bringing the body tohis own frequencies so the body can heal itself.
The static magnets produce magnetic field thatpenetrate body and effect the blood circulation.
How far is the penetration?
The QRS penetrate to the whole body. It producesa field that range up to 3 feet and width of 3 feet to each side.
That depends on the size. In to the body notmore then a few inches and the penetration depend on the surface size andthickness.
What is the purpose?
The QRS was manufactured to protect people fromthe electro smog and other interference that we have around us, the QRS keepsthe body in his natural environment.
Static magnets will reduce pain locally.
How many similar products the market?
There is only one QRS. (patented Pulse).
There are many manufacturer that producesdifferent kind and strength, applications, prices.
Does it always work?
The QRS always work, It will never let the bodyaccommodate itself to the treatment. By bringing the body to his ownfrequencies the body can take care of the discomfort by himself.
It is Known to have an effect for thousands ofyears, in testing they found that body tissue have reaction to magnetic field.

The QRS is a newgeneration of devices in magnetic therapy (magneto therapy). It is acombination product of modern biophysics with the achievement of new electronictechnology.

The QRS is above any other similar devices that are in the market. The secretis the changing of magnetic fields and the influence on Electro motoric fields,that are moving the ions and molecules in the body’s fluids. It makes aneffective and better current in the body.

All this can be achieved by magnetic pulse called: the "saw tooth"

The "key wave of the QRS"


It took twenty years to prove that this shape of wave has abig advantage over sinus waves, and a 90 degree shape pulses.

  • The sinus waves, in very low frequency, will be felt only after you achieve the effective parameters you are pursuing.
  • The sinus waves, in very low frequency, will be felt only after you achieve the effective parameters you are pursuing.
  • High sinus waves are not effective to create good electric stimulation in the body.
  • A magnetic pulse which work’s in a "ramp" shape wave and a "trapeze" wave, stimulate the ions only during a change of the intensity in a magnetic field.
  • The first pulse collects many ions, the second pulse is stronger than the first. The ions and protons are thrown off to the sides of the vessel walls and they get stimulated. There is a lowering of pH in the blood, a movement calcium cascade, as a result of it an exiting of amino acid C++ from the proteins of blood vessel walls.
  • The amplitude is the key pattern of the bioelectronic penetration of the electromagnetic factor to the body. The echoing system of a human is constructed of 1013 frequencies that work in the range from a small part of hertz, to a 1015-hertz.
  • The amplitude of the QRS work between 0.3hz – 10Khz and the time between each pulse is 2:3. That enables the body to have a perfect absorption of the magnetic pulses. * The size of pulse is set automatically in order to keep the therapeutic stability. This window, by influencing the protons, reduces the barrier between body fluids and the solid structures like bone, and skin membrane. It gives the penetration of ions H and Ca to the cell membrane.
  • The QRS pulsing magnetic field is contracted from 3 main pulses: 200hz, 23hz, 3hz.

200HZ: is adapted to the self-mechanic echoes of the blood vessels and lympheven at the smallest part. That improves blood / lymph flow, and metabolicprocesses that were weakened from diseases.

23HZ: neutralizes the 50hz, the 50hz is the magnetic pulse of the electrosmog(pollution caused by industry and home appliances usage). The electrosmogstimulates a feeling of burden (suppressing) in the body, and interferes withthe body natural functioning. The 23hz break the pattern of the 50hz(electrosmog).

The "50hz syndrome" is the scientific name for a variety ofsicknesses caused by the electrosmog: headaches, hi / low blood pressure,chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, (change in production of the melatonin),interfering in heart pulses, and more. The QRS by producing the 23hz, breaksthe 50hz into "independent wave" that is harmful.

3HZ: The delta wave is the self-rehabilitation pulse of the brain and body thatdisengages from the surrounding, during a deep sleep. With this frequency itimproves the sleeping cycle. 


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