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Peer-reviewed abstract on the effects of magnetics on physical ailments

The impact of treatment with magnetic fields on a variety of physical ailments are presented in the following descriptions of recent studies, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Respiratory Problems

Results of this study showed that the use of low-frequency magnetic fields helped to prevent and treat critically ill patients suffering from pyoinflammatory bronchopulmonary complications, and to prevent such complications as well.

G.A. Mozhaev IIu Tikhonovskii, The Prevention and Treatment of Suppurative-inflammatory Complications in the Bronchopulmonary System During Prolonged Artificial Ventilation, Anesteziol Reanimatol, (4), July-August 1002, p. 47-51.

This article reports on the case of a schizophrenic patient suffering from respiratory difficulties associated with neuroleptic withdrawal. Treatment using external application of picotesla-range magnetic fields quickly attenuated the severity of such problems.

R. Sandyk K. Derpapas, Successful Treatment of Respiratory Dyskinesia with picoTesla Range Magnetic Fields,International Journal of Neurosci, 75(1-2), March 1994, p. 91-102.

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