Slipped Disc ATPT Remedy


These are:


1. No operation


2. No removal of the displaced disc


3. The simplest and safest treatment


4. No significant tissue trauma


5. The disc heals better


6. No anesthetic necessary


7. Patient can walk after the procedure


8. Patient can be treated at home


9. Fastest possible recovery and return to normal activities


10. No hazardous side effects


11. No steroids


12. No marcain (an intense pain killer)



I use a very simple method of clearing all knotted points via ATPT. After ATPT has relaxed the muscles that hug the spine, I am able to realign the slipped disc within the spinal cord. I refrain from applying pressure on the injured points as these are extremely raw and sensitive. Instead pressure is applied on what is regarded as "magic touch points" connected to the sore areas.

There are roughly 30 points that can be stimulated to clear a single point. These points are the referral areas and meridians of the body. The treatment balances the energy flow of these points.

This is followed-up by the patient performing certain hands and body movements from an extremely complex relay networks that effectively realign the spine gently and naturally. This technique is completely non-invasive and provides immediate relief and recovery to the spinal system.

I have treated hundreds of slipped disc patients by using ATPT with a very high success rate in eliminating their pain.


Within two hours of treatment:


1. The severe pain down the leg and back is relieved


2. The pressure on the nerve is released and this may rapidly relieve pain


3. When pain is released, the muscle function is restored


4. Both legs will be able to lift up when laying down


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