Slipped Disc Causes


Herniated discs may be caused by wear and tear on the spinal column. Other times the herniated disc may be caused by a specific event like a car accident or lifting a very heavy object. This will be immediately followed by severe pain down the leg and back.

Other causes are:

·         Congenital weakness in the spine

·         A sudden "twisting" movement of the back

·         Smoking: weakens the cartilage disc

·         Poor muscles condition

Other factors to consider:

·         Any infection or inflammation within the body may manifest itself as back pain (eg. fever and fever related illness)

·         Pain originating from the abdomen or pelvis may refer to the low back (eg. colitis, a sagging large bowel, prostate and urethral diseases, ovary and uterus problems), all or any of them may trigger pain in the back

·         Postural problems

·         Direct and indirect injury from other causes: Sacro-iliac pain is that pain usually found on one side of the low back and extending down the sciatic nerve into the extremity

·         Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve trunk with concurrent pain extending as far down as the foot as it becomes more chronic It may burn, stab or feel like it's being ripped, pain more often in the back of the thigh and sometimes it is confined to the outside of the leg, the area behind the knee and the foot.


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