Disk Dr. WG50 Double

Disk Dr. WG50 Double

Product Description


Waist Measurement cm / inches


62-66 / 24-26


67-76 / 27-30


77-83 / 31-33


84-91 / 34-36


92-99 / 37-39


100-106/ 40-42


107-114 / 43-45


115-123 / 46-49

Important – Please ensure that your Disk Dr. order measurement is NOT YOUR TROUSERS OR PANTS SIZE, but is the measurement taken with a TAPE MEASURE around the largest part of your abdomen directly over your navel.


Disk Dr. Waist WG50 Recommended for:

Lower Back Pain

Herniated Disc

Bulging Disc

Degenerative Disc


Spinal Stenosis


Spinal Decompression

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Lumbar acute / chronic pain

Herniated disc patients before / after spine surgery

Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and bending, prevention

Congenital weakness in the waist extended sitting, long distance driving

Those who are engaged in sports or occupations that need to use waist a lot

Low back pain caused by obesity

Low back pain of physical origin which needs traction therapy

Before Inflation 130 mm

After Inflation 200mm

The employment of an air circulation system helps to circulate up and down thus, the product ensures free ventilation of air as well as discharge of harmful air coming from outside through the circulation system. The product has antimicrobial action in itself.

Installation of the air circulation system

Hygienic treatment of inner lining

Hygienic interior lining is made of pure cotton and achieves 100% disinfection. The deodorization inhibits proliferation of microorganisms. The results of examinations conducted after an elapse of 18 hours proves to have 99.9% effects. The fabric which is comprised of pure cotton and functional fibers emits far-infrared radiation (radiation rate: 90.6yul) and anions

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Disk Dr. WG50 Double

Disk Dr. WG50 Double

Back Support Belt and Back Decompression Disk Dr WG50 with 125% Stronger Traction Power!Back pain, ..


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