Cell Solution FAQ

Q1: Why does the body turn red and feel warm, and occasionally get itchy?

A: Combining the ability of NAS (Nutrients Absorption System) and ESA (Energy Slope Arrangement), the product is absorbed through the lining of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, and efficiently penetrates into the cells of the body, resulting in a slight increase in body temperature. This helps to thin out the blood and rejuvenates the blood vessels. The blood will try to flow through choke points, which results in redness of the skin. People with allergies are likely to get skin itchiness as microcirculation improves and blood passes through various parts of the body. Those with high LDL cholesterol levels may get a tingling feeling because the cholesterol is being pulled down from the blood vessel walls. The improved speed of the normally slow-flowing blood in the blood vessels causes itchiness, as well. If everyone gets redness in the same area, it is known as a side effect. This product results in different reactions for different people, with some showing no reactions at all on the surface.

Q2: Why do I get reactions like vomiting, itchy skin, and even rashes?

A: These are ­common reactions when the person does not drink enough water initially. For those with liver dysfunction and liver hardening, the reactions are more obvious due to the product’s activation of liver cell renewal and repair. Fatigue—especially in the afternoon—is also commonly felt, as most of the nutrients and energy are directed to the liver during its intensive repair.

Q3: Why do we experience unbearable itchiness during the course of health response?

A: This is a sign that the body is rejuvenating and improving. Reducing the dosage of Cell Energy by half for about a week before resuming the normal dosage may allow the body to get used to the condition. If the body is still not conditioned, stay at the half dosage and slowly increase back to the normal dosage to allow the body to adapt to the change.

Q4: Why is there an increase or decrease in weight after taking Fit Solution?

A: Increase: those badly lacking in nutrients will find themselves gaining weight when the body cells are replenished with nutrients after taking Fit Solution. These cells are able to function properly, thus increasing the release of digestive enzymes that cause hunger; this in turn causes an increase in weight of about 1–2 kg. Decrease: the body expels the excessive unused water and retained fats; thus, a decrease in weight of about 2–5 kg. Slimming of the waist is the most evident side effect.

Q5: Why do conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, and increased urination happen after taking Fit Solution?

A: Fit Solution helps to improve the digestive system by expelling retained wastes and toxins, and repairing the intestinal system. This may result in a temporary period of diarrhea or difficult bowel movements, especially for those with chronic constipation. During the balancing of an acidic body and the repairing of its digestive system, smelly gas and bowel discharge may be experienced as toxins and wastes are expelled. Frequent urination is also the result of the body expelling wastes due to the metabolism of acidic materials in the body.

Q6: Can Fit Solution improve the acidic nature of the body, and decrease insomnia, depression, and anxiety?

A: Many symptoms are interrelated chain reactions. The symptoms may not point to the root of the problem. Taking a blood test is recommended to find out the source of the problem. Using Fit Solution to improve health, however, is a good idea and effective results will soon be seen.

Q7: Can Fit Solution help those who feel cold all the time?

A: A low body temperature means very low energy within the body. When the body is cold, it has a low body temperature, indicating that the cells are losing energy. Cell Energy can charge up the cells’ energy, improving the problem with an increased intake of Cell Energy.

Q8: Can those with eye floaters and dry eyes take Fit Solution?

A: Dry eyes are caused by poor blood circulation. Floaters are more problematic. With continuous use of Fit Solution, the issue of shadows in the retina will be solved in time.

Q9: Why do I feel dizzy after taking Fit Solution?

A: During the repair of the heart arteries, dizziness may occur in people with migraines, anemia, blockage in the heart arteries, and/or high blood pressure. Those with low blood pressure may experience stuffy chest and poor appetite during the repair phase, but the condition will improve rapidly.

Q10: Why do I get stomach pain after taking Cell Energy?

A: This is one of the signs of repair in the stomach. Those with drooping stomach will get stomach pains after eating food. In addition, if the stomach has gastro viruses, it will secrete gastric juice continuously but it will not be acidic enough to digest food. This results in a weakening of the digestive system. Vomiting is a reaction from the repair of stomach ulcers.

Q11: Does Fit Solution help in tackling obesity?

A: There are two primary causes of obesity.

  1. People who are obese have poor blood circulation and poor metabolism. This results in the long-term accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body.

  2. The body is desperately lacking a particular mineral or vitamin. The brain sends a signal for us to eat, which will cause us to hopefully consume the missing mineral or vitamin. This causes us to overeat without identifying what we really need, resulting in obesity. Fit Solution helps the body by improving the digestive system and increasing metabolism. This will increase the ability of the body to detoxify and clear accumulated toxins and wastes. Fit Solution is a complete solution that replenishes the minerals and vitamins that the body lacks. When the cells are given what they are seeking, the appetite will be controlled and overeating can be avoided, thus helping to maintain a healthy, slim body.

Q12: How does Fit Solution benefit someone with high blood pressure?

A: Patients with high blood pressure are usually prescribed medication to lower their blood pressure level. Most cases of high blood pressure are usually caused by a lack of oxygen in the kidneys. When the kidneys are lacking oxygen, the adrenal gland will send a signal to the pituitary gland in the brain, which in turn sends instructions for the heart to pump faster to supply more oxygen to the kidneys. This causes an increase in blood pressure and if blood pressure suppressants are taken, the kidneys will continue to be lacking in oxygen. Judging by medical reports, up to 80% of patients that have high blood pressure eventually die from renal failure (kidney failure). Fit Solution can rejuvenate the cells, increasing the oxygen level in the blood to supply the body’s organs, so it is extremely beneficial for those with high blood pressure.

Q13: What are the benefits of Fit Solution for diabetic patients?

A: Diabetes has nothing to do with sugar or urine, but is instead a problem with the ability of the body to convert blood sugar. The insulin has lost its ability to convert blood sugar to liver sugar for storage and later use. Insulin is made up of two strings of amino acids, three units of sulphur, and six units of chromium; and with any of the components missing, the insulin is incomplete and useless. The life span of insulin is about 3–4 months. With all the necessary minerals provided, the new insulin produced will be complete and able to function normally. This will in turn improve the diabetic condition.

Q14: Can Fit Solution help with menopause or ovarian tumours?

A: Menopause occurs early when the body lacks the nutrients necessary for the production of female hormones (estrogens). Treatments are usually through external application,the intake of a huge amount of beans, or use rubbing methods because direct consumption of estrogenic supplements has been reported to increase the risk of breast cancer. Ovarian tumours are caused by poor metabolism and they should be referred to doctors for treatment. Fit Solution is a complete solution and will significantly improve hormonal conditions and increase metabolism.

Q15: Is it safe to consume Fit Solution during pregnancy?

A: Fit Solution can effectively and efficiently supply nutrients and minerals to the body, enhancing sleep quality, increasing mental alertness, and preventing depression, neurasthenia, and amnesia. The consumption of Fit Solution not only can help to provide the pregnant mother and baby with the necessary nourishment for the healthy development of the baby, but can also reduce depression. However, pregnant mothers in the first trimester are not advised to start consuming Fit Solution until the baby is stable. Pregnant mothers starting consumption of Fit Solution mid-term through the pregnancy are advised to start with a reduced dosage. This is to reduce the effects of the therapeutic response from the Fit Solution on the individual.

Q16: Can Fit Solution improve menstrual pain?

A: Menstrual pain can be caused by two conditions: hormonal imbalance or anemia. With either of these health conditions, the body will have muscular spasms during ovulation, thus causing pain. An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid surrounded by a very thin wall within the ovary. This happens when the ovary is not cleared during ovulation, and over several cycles the collected fluid is surrounded by a thin wall and layered with each ovulation. It is labelled as an ovarian cyst once it is bigger than 2cm in size. Menstrual pain should not be neglected and should be attended to as soon as possible. Fit Solution will improve the hormonal condition and help to clear the ovary, allowing the body to expel the cysts naturally.

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