Cell Solution

Cell Solution has a speed effect because of the patented NAS

NAS (Nutrients Absorption System): Direct entry to the cells.

From the moment you start drinking, the absorption processbegins. From your mouth down to the stomach.  When it comes in contact withthe stomach wall, most would have been absorbed.  By the time the solutionreaches the duodenum, almost all the nutrients are fully absorbed.  Whatremains unabsorbed and flow to the intestines?  They are the fibre,enzymes and probiotics.  The rest is fully absorbed.

That is the most remarkable characteristic of Fit Solution. Itreaches the cells directly instead of having to wait for 3 days. In about 10minutes from drinking the Cell Solution, you will be able to see the effect.That is what we call speed effect.

Cell Solution is efficient because of the patented ESA

ESA (Energy Slope Arrangement): Getting the supplement to whereit is needed most.

After a few discussion sessions with the R&D professor inGermany about where the cells move to after absorbing the Cell Solution, theanswer given was to the weakest part of the body. I was not completelysatisfied with the answer so I examined the molecular structure of CellSolution and found an important molecular structure similar to angelica (aChinese herb). In TCM, angelica is very often used as a lead for the medicationand in Cell Solution, the angelica content will lead the nutrient cells to theweakest part of the body.

We understand that the weakest part of the body is often wherethe disease will strike first and so with ESA in Fit Solution, the nutrientsare efficiently delivered to the area where it is needed most. Using a roundwooden barrel as an example, the maximum amount of water that the barrel canhold is up to the level of the lowest piece of broken panel. What if there area few pieces of broken panels at different levels? The result is the same.

If the highest panel represents your liver and the lowest panelrepresents your kidney, it means that the liver is in excellent condition whilethe kidney is the weakest. Whenever you take supplement, the healthier liverwill tend to get more nutrients as it has a better absorption ability comparedto the kidney. At the end of the day, you may still need to go for dialysis dueto kidney failure despite taking health supplements for the whole body. Ourlife span is dependent on the worst part of our body system so it is importantthat whatever supplement you take, it must be able to supply to the weakestpart.

We take supplements for the heart if we know that we have aproblem with the heart, but how do we know if any part from the rest of thebody is weaker than the heart? Cell Solution will be able to tell you thatbecause Cell Solution directly enters into the weakest part of your body. Thebest thing about Cell Solution is that it can be used for every part of thebody because it goes straight into the cells at the weakest portion of thebody.

An interesting point to note, some people noticed that theirblood sugar level increases instead of decreasing after they have taken CellSolution. What could be the cause? The blood vessels are hollow and bloodglucose does not have to be in the centre of the blood vessels. They may stickto the side walls of the blood vessels and during blood extraction, the needledraws blood from the centre of the blood vessel, not the side walls. If you gofor a blood test after taking Cell Solution for a few days, the blood glucoselevel may be higher. This is due the Cell Solution working in the blood vesselsand removing the blood glucose from the side walls of the vessels. Blood testtaken 3 months after taking Cell Solution may give a more accurate result.

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