Cell Solution Effects

Effects of Cell Solutions over 90-day course of treatment
Reason for Effects/ Symptoms
Period during which Effects/ Symptoms will appear
Number of days for which symptoms may last
Body feels warm, skin may be itchy or numb.

NAS® allows for fast absorption of nutrients throughmucous membranes, increase in temperature of cells, lowering of viscosity of blood cells and activation of peripheral vascular arteries.

Within the first few days of taking product
Based on individual’s level of acidity/ in his/ her blood
Slight constipation or stomach-ache

Repairing of digestive system, clear constipation,

regeneration of intestine cells. Individuals suffering

from constipation may experience worsening of

condition during the first few days.

First week
3 to 10 days
Frequent urination

Metabolism of harmful acids, waste and accumulated

toxins within the body.

First 2 weeks
3 to 15 days
Itchy Skin

Individuals who have skin allergies will experience

these as the skin cells repair and regenerate.

First 2 weeks
2 to 3 days
Odour in stool and flatulence.

Adjust digestive system, clear accumulated waste

and harmful acids in body.

First 3 weeks
10 to 20 days
Slight increase in weight by 1 to 2 kg

Cells acquire nutrients which individual has been

lacking/ deficient in, significant secretion of enzymes

results in feeling of hunger.

First 3 weeks
5 to 20 days
Decrease in weight 
by 2 to 5 kg

Significant purging of waste fluids and decrease in

body fats. Loss of weight may be especially obvious

at the waist and lower back.

First 6 weeks
45 days
Chest feels tight, Loss of appetite

Improvement in blood circulation for individuals

suffering from low blood pressure.

Week 2 to Week 3
7 to 10 days

Repairing and regeneration of blood vessels for

individuals suffering from high blood pressure.

Week 2 to Week 4
7 to 15 days

Pain and 

feeling weak                                                                           

Repairing of cells for individuals suffering from high uric acid and gout.                                                                                                                                                                          

Week 2 to Week 4                                                          
3 to 7 days                                                              

Gastric pain, nausea

Symptom of repairing of gastrointestinal

functions for individuals suffering from gastric ulcers.                                                              

Week 2 to Week 4
7 to 15 days


increase in 

blood sugar

Repair of pancreatic cells. More evident for

individuals suffering from diabetes.

Week 4 to Week 6
3 to 10 days




Repairing of liver cells. Symptoms are more

pronounced for individuals suffering from

liver cirrhosis (hardening of liver) and

insufficient in take of water during the initial period.

Week 4 to Week 8
10 to 30 days

Cough, pale 



Repair lung function. Especially obvious for

individuals with pulmonary dysfunctions.

Week 5 to Week 7
5 to 10 days



During the restoration of the liver cell 

cycle, large number of stored nutrients may

be transported to the liver; resulting in

fatigue/exhaustion, particularly in the afternoon.

Week 6 to Week 8
7 to 15 days
Recurrence/ elapses of old ailments

Normal symptom of recovery of damaged

cells and repairing of body muscles, bones

and tissues.

Week 6 to Week 12
10 to 20 days

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